Family Photo Worries

When a family makes contact with me about a photo session I have a process, where after the initial consultation the family completes a questionnaire that gives me even more insight into what their ideal photos are. I can also use this communication to identify family photo worries and concerns.

For Tarsha Berrigan her ideal mood included open tall grassed plains, outback and bushland scenery; and she indicated that she wanted a variety of traditional photos (posed) and interactive photos.

All of which reflect that her family of five recently moved to Wernadinga Station and she wanted some family photos to display in their new home.

I also inquire about family’s outfits for the photos and although Tarsha had planned most of their outfits she was unsure about her daughter’s outfit and asked if I had any ideas. I always offer up colour and pattern inspirations and am happy to help find a style that reflects your family in a way that photographs well.

When Tarsha inquired about a family photo session her biggest concern was about her and Michael’s tendency to be camera shy. So, when Tarsha and Michael and their three children, Braylen, Tyler and Chelsea arrived at our location we eased into the photos by having some running games to get the kids and camera shy parents to loosen up.

These games made for lovely interactive photos and eased them into the more traditional photos. I hope these photos captured their country spirit and are treasured in their home for years to come.

If you have any questions about the process of having a family photo session please message me and I’ll do my best to ease any family photo worries you may have.

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